Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trav, jaden and I went for a Sunday walk up Strawberry. Trav and him are so weeiirrd. j/k anyway the first one was jaden teaching me to play ninja... something- wow-he beat me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sad to leave the warmth, especially now that school is starting again.
We crossed over into Arizona and went to the Coral Sand Dunes. We ran down all the hills while Jill rolled down (we watched her)

This was such a fun trip. I hope we can go again soon and maybe hike the Narrows when the water is a little warmer. I might just bring a two man raft like Jill suggested-sounds like a good plan!
Miserable eh? This is Kiley and Jill taking a break from fording the Virgin river for about the tenth time. Where's Dallin when you need a piggy-back ride? It was quite cold!

This was on our way up through the Narrows. I think it would've been better to hold up the mountain than to wade through the river...
This is the AMAZING ghost town called Grafton. There was a church and two houses. It was pretty scary. Actually the only scary thing was the movie we took of Dallin pacing off with Hayley. Hayley won.
So meet Dallin. He had just as much energy after the hikes as he does here. He shared a lot of it with us and kept us all going.
This hike was called Emerald Pools. This was the highest up of the three and the coldest (snow!!) The cliffs were so so tall.

This was the lower pool. Loni's picture of this one had a whole bunch of Hispanic guys in it. If I'd waited I would've gotten them on camera too-ha ha
This was the highlight of that day!! Not many of these in Southern Utah, but I had no idea where in Wy.
This was Weeping Rock. The water that falls on top of this mountain sinks down until it hits the shale layer and then seeps out. So when you are standing there, it's raining in front of you, but not anywhere else. It reminded me of the Intermitting Spring.
These are the view from the top, finally! I can't believe we hiked that.

This is us roommates. It was so fun to go with all of them. We had the craziest time together, and I loved it!
By the way mom, when we went we parked down in that little parking lot down there!
These are on our first hike of the trip. We hiked Angel's Landing which is a 5 mile hike round trip. I'm surprised we actually made it to the top we had so much fun taking millions of pictures and asking random people to take them for us. The weather was perfect. We couldn't have asked for better.

This is the whole group. From the back left to right is Kiley, Me, Chris, Dallin, Kylie, Hayley, Loni, Landon, and Jill. 9 of us in all